Preschool Program

Welcome dear families, to We Gather Together, a home based Waldorf preschool, where our philosophy is to provide children with a nurturing, safe, and beautifully rich program inspired by the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner.  We Gather Together is a program where the wonders of childhood can flourish, a sanctuary in a rushed and busy world where children are notpressured to grow up before they are developmentally ready.

Our Morning Together Will Include…

We Gather Together offers a distinctive approach with an emphasis on the healthy development of the whole child through movement based learning, creative play, sensory nourishment, learning by imitation and example, rhythm, repetition and ritual.

We offer a program that gives children a gentle transition between the warmth and security of home, and the stimulating social realm of school. The loving care we offer is one that models the security of home while allowing children an opportunity to interact with other children in a social setting.

Through a strong daily rhythm of structured and unstructured activities, the children are given endless opportunities to unfold their creative and imaginative capacities. Simple, open ended natural toys, and equipment are available to allow the child’s imagination boundless opportunities to soar. We offer the children in our care a program which rhythmically alternates between outwardly expanding activities such as singing, games, gardening, outdoor play, creative free play, baking, etc., and quiet more inward activities such as beeswax modeling, drawing, painting, puppetry, and story telling. We see these alternating activities like a breathing in and out for the children, creating a heathy model of balance for the young growing child.

It is important that children are imbued with a sense of wonder for the natural world around them. We feel blessed that our small urban farm and garden allows children abundant time to immersed themselves in the natural world of plants and animals. Taking time to care for our animals and bees and working in the gardens provides the children with a reverence and connections to the natural world around them. inspired by nature, we offer a program which celebrates the cycles of nature through a multitude of songs, stories, crafts and seasonal celebrations.

Remembering that a young child’s natural way of learning is through imitation, we strive to be models for kindness and fair treatment for all things around us. It is our ideal to create an atmosphere in which beauty and reverence for life prevails.

Daily Snack and Activity Rhythm
Tuesday Snack: Organic oatmeal and fruit with almondsActivity: Water color painting, oat rolling
Wednesday Snack:  Organic millet porridge topped with ground sesame seedsActivity: Bread baking, grain grinding to make flour for bread
Thursday Snack: Vegetable soup and breadActivity: seasonal crafts, butter churning, hand work, room dusting and polishing

Now Enrolling!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings
9:00 – 1:00

Children ages 3-5 years

Class size is limited to 12 children


We look forward to meeting with you. Please send us email or call if you have any questions, or if you would like to set up a time to tour our school!

Dena Lieberman
(503) 789-9708

4907 NE Ainsworth street, Portland, OR 97218